Antonia Maria Bilardo Foundation


Antonia came to us because she wanted a create a website to help her get funding for her women’s recovery center in New Jersey. After we discussed her two main goals :

• Get people to donate money to her non-profit

• Bring awareness to women in need

Our team focused on why this foundation is an absolute necessity to have this created.

We also showed how this foundation is different by emphasizing the foundation’s activities and the benefits of the New Jersey Location.


Created a website that guided the user through a story. Every page the user would click would enhance the  mission of why this is foundation is so urgently needed. is a women’s recovery center in New Jersey. Her mission is to get the site and social media to bring awareness to her foundation. 

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Pharma Legal Networks

Client: Mass Torte law firm 

Challenge: Get qualified leads malpractice suits against specific medications.

Solution: Built lead generation campaigns using PPC and social media strategies.

Campaigns: Created double-opt-in  landing pages for each malpractice suit to prequalify the leads by using a built-in questionnaire form. If they qualified after filling out the form, they would  receive an email that would give them the phone number to the call center.

Social Media:


We were able to generate over 6 qualified leads per week which resulted in a 800% ROI!

Each lead was worth $1000 and we have a ppc budget of $3000 per month.

We did this by creating targeted keywords in our PPC Campaigns, focusing on measurement, analytics and testing.

We also targeted specific online communities that were taking the medications that our client was representing. We’d develop relationships with these people, email them information about the side effects of their medications with a link to our landing page.

Startle Academy

Startle Academy

Challenge: To launch an online acting membership site for kids. They were on a tight budget for ads, so we needed to aggressively build their email list organically with social media, landing pages, and  SEO techniques.


• We built up email list organically with social media, Videos, trending hashtags from keyword research.
• We paid close attention to  analytics and heatmaps to utilize how to target our ads, demographics, and email lists.
• Combined technology and psychology with persuasion techniques that resulted in  over 76%  converting landing pages.
•  Created daily posts on Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Instagram, and Facebook,  and increased followers by 32% using videos, graphics, trending hashtags, popular articles, engaging posts, contests, and giveaways.
•We also wrote engaging SEO copy for website and blog that built an organic email list to 200 subscribers within the first week and increased retention on the site to an average of 63%.

• Created explainer videos with editing software  to quickly explain  the benefits of signing up with Startle Academy.
You can watch the videos here and here

• We also created a marketing to start from banner ads, landing pages, and a nurturing  autoresponder sequence that solidified the relationship, developed  trust, and increased Startle Academy’s membership sales by 45%.

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